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Hi, I'm Jessie - AKA Nailed it NZ.

My YouTube nail art tutorial channel can be found at, and my main blog is Please subscribe below!

I'm a 24-year-old from a little country in the South Pacific called New Zealand. In early 2012 I discovered nail art, and became instantly obsessed. It took over my life and I have had some amazing things happen in my little world because of it! I've recently trained as a nail technician and run a home based salon while being a professional blogger. In 2015 I'm heading to Auckland, and after a few years there, who knows? I'd love to spend some time in the United States and Europe and learn everything I can - this is a huge passion of mine. In the meantime I continue to try new things, make tutorials and enjoy my blogging experience.

Thanks for visiting my Tumblr and I hope you like my nail art ☺.

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Tropical gradient nails! I did a tutorial for this design - it was meant to be just for the gradient but I couldn’t help but add to it :P. See more pictures and watch the tutorial here!

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