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Hi, I'm Jessie - AKA Nailed it NZ.

My YouTube nail art tutorial channel can be found at, and my main blog is Please subscribe below!

I'm a 24-year-old from a little country in the South Pacific called New Zealand. In early 2012 I discovered nail art, and became instantly obsessed. It took over my life and I have had some amazing things happen in my little world because of it! I've recently trained as a nail technician and run a home based salon while being a professional blogger. In 2015 I'm heading to Auckland, and after a few years there, who knows? I'd love to spend some time in the United States and Europe and learn everything I can - this is a huge passion of mine. In the meantime I continue to try new things, make tutorials and enjoy my blogging experience.

Thanks for visiting my Tumblr and I hope you like my nail art ☺.

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Someone requested these, so here you go! I’m not sure if Anna is the name of the girl who asked for them or if it’s after Anna Kournikova, but either way here they are! They’re not going on my blog at this stage, but I should note that I found that Glam Nails nail art pen very easy to use - much better than the Sally Hansen one!

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